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Healing with Ayahuasca & Connecting Amazonian and North American Fist Nations Communities to save Environment - Antonio Guerrero
on Jul 22/09
Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance and The Healing Voice - Andy Warren
on Jul 15/09
The Divine Feminine: Wisdom in Action - Parvathi
on Jul 15/09
Public Health Risks of Wireless Technologies - Una St.Clair-Moniz
on Jul 08/09
Whales, music and kids creativity - Leesa Sklover-Filgate
on Jul 08/09
Cycling for Kindness - Brock Tully
on Jul 01/09
ARKAYA - To Empower People To Enliven Themselves - Maitreyi
on Jul 01/09
Grace, Gaia and the End of Days - Satyen Raja & Stuart Wilde
on Jun 24/09
Big Mind Big Heart - Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi
on Jun 24/09
Ecopsychology - Karen Rempel
on Jun 17/09
Live H2O - Concert for the Living Water in Vancouver
on Jun 17/09
Creating Conscious Community - Zamir Dhanji
on Jun 10/09
Using guided meditation and intuition to reveal your deepest self - Michal Levin
on Jun 10/09
Maya Sacred Wisdom - Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros
on Jun 03/09
Limitless You, The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain - Lee Gerdes
on May 27/09
The Life of a Tulku - Gesar Mukpo
on May 24/09
Teen Journey, Rites of Passage and growing up - Tasha Simms
on May 20/09
The Joy of Learning Conference - Catherine Strickland & Tina Marie Meyer
on May 20/09
THE GREAT TURNING: an Unconference to Be The Change - Maureen Jack-LaCroix & Bruce Sanguin
on May 20/09
Integrating Self through Qigong & Song - with David Embry & Minke de Vos
on May 13/09
on May 13/09
In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, with Eliza Mada Dalian
on May 06/09
Kunlun Nei Gung – Experience the Bliss, Mary Pirtle
on Apr 29/09
The Mastery of Love with Don Miguel Ruiz
on Apr 22/09
Discovering Your Life Purpose - Vaishali
on Apr 15/09
You Are What You Love - Vaishali
on Apr 08/09
Dare to Live Your Destiny! - Caroline Sutherland, Cheryl Brewster & Jan Janzen
on Apr 01/09
Projecting Change Film Festival 2009 with Brady Dahmer & Lindsay Nahmiache
on Apr 01/09
Soul Power - Dare to Live Your Destiny! - Karen McGregor
on Mar 25/09
Remote Viewing & Near Death Experiences - Paul Elder
on Mar 25/09
Living Courageously in Difficult Times - Gary Zukav
on Mar 18/09
Transforming Life thru Song - Theda Phoenix; Experience The Change - Paramahamsa Nithyananda
on Mar 04/09
The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want - James Ray
on Mar 04/09
Empowering Humanity’s Awakening - Geoffrey West
on Feb 25/09
SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE!! - Linda Christensen, PhD
on Feb 25/09
Igniting Change with Donna Vysocky
on Feb 18/09
HeartMath & The Global Coherence Initiative with Howard Martin
on Feb 18/09
What is Peace? Discussion with James Twyman, As-Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi, Leonard Howell & Todd Lorentz
on Feb 11/09
How to Heal Yourself and Stay Healthy - Dr. Ben Johnson & Jay Hare
on Feb 04/09
How to promote Wellness - Jeannette Savard
on Jan 28/09
The Power of Soul - Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
on Jan 28/09
Beyond Reason: Simple Truths That Can Heal Your Life - Caroline Myss
on Jan 21/09
Compassionate Communication
on Jan 14/09
Ingredients for a Happy & Healthy Life - Udo Erasmus, Ph.D.
on Jan 07/09
Alchemy of Passion with Joel Bellenson, Sobey Wing, Jeet-Kei Leung & Little Woo
on Dec 31/08
Alchemy of Passion with Dolly Hopkins and Mitch Anderson
on Dec 24/08
Give Peace A Chant, Christmas in the Round & Winter Solstice Celebration
on Dec 17/08
What is Spirituality - conversation with Michael Meade and other friends
on Dec 10/08
on Dec 03/08
Living Forward, Giving Back: A Practical Guide to Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond - Isabelle St-Jean
on Dec 03/08
How our Family of Origin effects our Relationships
on Nov 19/08
Roots of Empathy - Mary Gordon & Larry Haberlin
on Nov 12/08
Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditional Awareness - PETER FENNER, PH.D.
on Nov 05/08
on Oct 29/08
on Oct 29/08
Living Foods Lifestyle - Katrine Volynsky & The Importance of Detoxification - Dr. Brian Martin
on Oct 22/08
on Oct 15/08
Exploring Consciousness with Ayahuasca - Leif Frankling, David Raphael & Susan
on Oct 08/08
Be The Change - Maureen Jack- LaCroix & Duane O'Kane
on Oct 01/08
Ayahuasca Healing Beyond the Amazon - AyasminA Flores; Pranashakty - Sri Arathi Ma
on Sep 24/08
Infinite Consciousness - Ivan Rados - The Author, The Artist, The Healer
on Sep 17/08
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times - a call to Visionary Leadership and Purpose
on Sep 10/08
Yoga in Daily Life with Swami Maheshwarananda & Farah Nazarali
on Sep 03/08
Secrets of Happier Relationships - Maria Alexandre & Steve Pritchard
on Aug 27/08
When An Idea Has You - Ruth Mendelson
on Aug 20/08
Water - more then just a drink - Charles Holmes & Dr. Emoto
on Aug 13/08
Peace Begins With Me with Ted Kuntz
on Aug 06/08
The Keys to Transformation and Personal Growth with Duane O'Kane
on Jul 30/08
Diamond Approach with John Davis
on Jul 23/08
Spiritual Activism with Velcrow Ripper & Darcy Riddell
on Jul 16/08
A Planetary Vision of Shamanism with Gretchen Andersen and Monyca Bouras
on Jul 09/08
Satyen Raja - How to experience - Sex, Passion & Enlightenment
on Jun 25/08
What is The Oneness Movement?
on Jun 18/08
The Mindful Brain: Shaping our neural circuits to cultivate well-being - Dr. D. J. Siegel
on Jun 11/08
Is this the right relationship? Should I stay or should I go?
on May 28/08
Singing for Harmony
on May 21/08
Role of Teachers from the East in raising the Consciousness of the West
on May 14/08
Why Good Things Happen to Good People - Stephen G. Post
on Apr 30/08
LOVE: The Real Da Vinci Code with Len Horowitz
on Apr 30/08
Self - Liberation with Ontogony - Dr.Carlos de Leon
on Apr 23/08
Celebrating the Feminine Divine
on Apr 16/08
Can we be spiritual & sexual at the same time? Discussion with Karen Rempel & Eileen Pearkes
on Apr 09/08
Emotional & Social Intelligence with Daniel Goleman & David Cory
on Mar 26/08
A discussion about Eckhart Tolle's latest book - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
on Mar 19/08
The Magic Doorway Into the Divine conversation with Devrah Laval
on Mar 12/08
How to Create Extraordinary Relationships? Bowen & Internal Family Systems.
on Feb 27/08
How to Improve Loving Relationships Conversation with Anne Marie Evers; Delyse Ledgard & Yemaya Renuka Duby
on Feb 20/08
What is Love?
on Feb 13/08
How to Help Young People in Trouble to Choose Again - Conversation with Diederik Wolsak
on Jan 30/08
7 & 1/2 Steps to Happy & Healthy Relationships - Conversation with Duane O'Kane
on Jan 30/08
All About Wellness
on Jan 23/08
Believe in yourself with Lorraine Bennington, Judy Guido & Mandana Rastan
on Jan 16/08
New Year Resolutions, Meaning & Purpose of Life with Thomas D. Willhite
on Jan 09/08
New Year Resolutions, Meaning & Purpose of Life with Jeffrey Armstrong
on Dec 26/07
Games & Play as a way to raise consciousness and spend quality time with others
on Dec 19/07
800 years of Rumi - His Poetry & Philosophy
on Dec 12/07
Role of the Media To Influence Consciousness - It was one of Our First Shows this year
on Dec 05/07
Adam - DreamHealer; 2. Swami Lalitanada about Books for Soul Event; 3. Caroline Markolin about Biology of Men; 4. Duane O'Kane about free lecture
on Nov 28/07
Epic Alchemy with Little Woo; Wake Your Wild Voice! with Edwin Coppard; One with the Herd with Liz Mitten Ryan; Adam - DreamHealer
on Nov 21/07
Nature Intelligence with Dorothy MacLean; Family Constellation with Hilary Sullivan & Freedom Dances with Yemaya Renuka Duby
on Nov 14/07
The Real Art of Self-Expression with Anjali Hill & P.R.A.C. for Life Program with Duane O'Kane
on Oct 31/07
A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart with Joseph Chilton Pearce and Women of Vision & Passion with Laura Mack & Renate Geier
on Oct 24/07
Inner Resonance Technologies & Course In Miracles
on Oct 17/07
All About Health
on Oct 10/07
Satyen Raja about his new book – Living Ecstasy
on Sep 26/07
German New Medicine about Emotions and Cancer
on Sep 19/07
Art & Creativity in Healing & in Education
on Sep 12/07
How To Create or Improve Loving Relationships, talk with Gwen Gnazdowsky & Duane O'Kane
on Aug 29/07
Free The Heart with David Jones & Creating the Work You Love with Rick Jarow & Living Vision with Kathy & Paul Scott
on Aug 22/07
How To Use Creativity To Change Your Life
on Aug 15/07
Why & How to Meditate with Dr. Lee Pulos, Chantal Jolly & Tasha Simms
on Aug 08/07


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